About Pat Scanlon

About Pat Scanlon

Pat Scanlon – Bio

I benefit each day from a diversified career. With roles and experience ranging from a Sports Illustrated Photographer to a Chief Technology Executive during the early days of the Internet, to a Digital Media Executive with USA TODAY Sports - and a seasoned entrepreneur.  

Throughout it all, I have been fortunate to work with (and learn from) many teams working together to achieve greatness - doing some amazing projects. 

For me, understanding how corporate culture, leadership (vs management alone), multiple business models, technologies, people, processes and projects all combine to play their part in the success of any business is crucial to success on so many different levels. Each has its own unique needs & dynamics for top-tier execution and long-term success.

This has been true of my entire working experience, but never more so than in recent years.  My most recent work has been leveraging this diverse set of skills and experience into consulting engagements that help clients in the areas of change, leadership, corporate culture & innovation management.  Working with them to set (or reset) internal cultures for businesses and teams that were being disrupted by technological, industrial, generational and/or customer behavioral change. 

Each area of a business has its own challenges as they relate to the bottom line, the stakeholders involved, their goals, and their connection with the company.  Lasting change happens only when the whole person is involved in making it happen. Essentially this means that each consulting opportunity must involve the stakeholders being able to own the change for themselves so that it can continue beyond the engagement. They need to be able to “fish” not be “given a fish.”  Do this and not only will your time spent with the client be successful, but it will also have long-lasting effects on the company, its goals, and the people who work there.


Business & Technology Analysis, Leadership, Digital & Business Strategy & Development, Marketing Science & Technologies, Corporate Change, Entrepreneurship, Technologist (WIN, Mac, Linux & Open Source Solutions), Big Data (business process establishment, analytics and visualization), Collaboration, Change Management, Team and Business Crisis Management

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