Problem Solving Services

Problem Solving Services

Pat Scanlon has more than 35 years’ experience in building strong businesses and teams. His leadership and team building expertise were forged from principal business centers in North America, Australia, and Asia Pacific. He has worked with businesses, institutionalized corporates, startups, and turnarounds alike to bring solid business and/or technology analysis and leadership to bear for data-driven results.


[BECAUSE] your business model is being disrupted.

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

New technologies and changing consumer habits are just two factors in the transformations that can cause disruption in your business model.  A key to success is assessing where your business is on the change curve. All businesses must deal with markets that increasingly expect them to be brand-savvy and provide solutions and relationships with their employees and customers.

However, many companies have either resisted these imperatives or have dealt with them on a piecemeal implementation basis. The result is often a patchwork of “change islands” existing amid traditional processes, legacy systems, and corporate institutional cultures. True transformation requires a holistic approach to comprehensively understanding your unique situation and challenges to create an actionable and measurable forward-looking implementation process and team dynamics.

Services: business and digital transformation strategy, legacy/institutional organization change management processes, data-driven metrics & analysis

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[BECAUSE] the org chart - just isn’t working the way it used to.

“Change is done best – when they think it was their idea.”- PJS

The objective of business transformation is to assess the team or organization’s existing state of health and then to plan, communicate, and implement improvements and/or whole new approaches to optimize results.

Because their priority is to focus on the core business. Most businesses and their internal management teams are not able to bring together the time, focus and skill set to assess and implement effective transformation. Effective change requires focus, as well as a comprehensive understanding and deep experience within leadership, business, and communications.

Services: business process reengineering, enterprise architecture, leadership coaching, digital collaboration technologies, change management processes  

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 [BECAUSE] team dynamics can use a tune up.

“True individuals are unique. Unique is uncommon. Uncommon can be threatening to common minds but uncommon, unique individuals are the only kind of people that can change the world.” - PJS

Each organization and the teams inside it are unique, and so the scope of transformation will be different for each company’s specific needs.  Even as all people share a critical dependence on similar organic functions such as circulatory and nervous systems but every individual is unique – so it is with businesses and their underlying systems and team dynamics.  

Workforce expectations today, and in the future, are changing.  Success is truly tied to clarity, competency, and the shifting dynamics of decision authority and information flows. 

Services: business process reengineering, enterprise architecture, leadership coaching, digital collaboration technologies, change-management processes, interim management 

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[BECAUSE] that technology project has gone off the rails.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

Effective management of your investment in software, web & mobile applications and technologies are essential components of profitable growth.

 A track record of proven solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient is critical when tackling the technologies that are crucial to business today. Experience in the complex stakeholder interplay and development professionals requires a roll-up your sleeves approach to help drive your high-priority project to successful completion. As does the expertise to mentor your people through the process of adopting a more structured approach.

Services: software development documentation and project management, stakeholder assessment, technology catalyst

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[BECAUSE] you have assets that aren’t being leveraged fully.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” – Pablo Picasso

Effective change and revenue innovation require the ability to transcend existing internal mindsets, organizational divisions, and sub-optimal thinking to see beyond perceived limitations and what constitutes a “product” vs an asset from which that your company can earn revenue.

Identifying assets that have revenue potential and bringing them to commercialization requires bringing several product development skills together.  Often both internal and external.

Services: product development, commercialization, innovation advancement, technology & software development, data-driven analysis

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[BECAUSE] good advice is good for business.

“Strategy without tactics is the long road to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before the defeat.”- Sun Tzu

By bringing in senior experienced change-centric partners, your organization gains a fresh and unbiased perspective on the existing state of your business & team dynamics health, a detailed prescription for needed changes, and an actionable implementation plan to get you there.

In addition, an experienced transformation partner with a proven record of -change management success works with you to take your organization through the entire process from assessment to implementation to meaningful and measurable business results.

Services: business & digital business strategy, thought leadership, leadership coaching

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[BECAUSE] Kindness is about who you are, not what you do.

Throughout my career - I've been accused of kindness. Oddly enough - never by the people, I was leading. Too often kindness, in business, is seen as a weakness instead of a strength. As this great blog post by one of my favorite Leadership Guru's (Dan Rockwell) points out. In business - NOT being kind is the easy way out. The crisis nature of a good many work environments gives rise to excuses for people to manage in an adversarial way vs leading in a (much harder) servant leadership manner. It's a quick read - and a good reminder that being kind...

Thought Leadership

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[BECAUSE] you need to get busy optimizing or get busy dying

Note: Spending some time recently with a client, helping them sort through their data aggregation and clean-up, gave me the opportunity to catch up with Randa Minkarah, Co-Founder & COO from Transform  Randa and I talked about the challenges that companies are still having regarding not only being “data-driven” but also turning their data into insights to get what they (actually) want – more revenue.  Randa details below a few simple steps (and simple home truths) about this process. Enjoy! Pat Generating Sustainable Revenues from Your Data by Randa Mikarah - Transform Digital - @Randam2 There is no question that year after year...


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[BECAUSE] I Love You, But I'm Not Fond of Your Behavior.

Reward Behavior Not Actions When my children were small; I got an excellent piece of advice as to how to discipline them without crushing their spirit. When (not if) they did something that wasn't moving them in the direction that was going to make for a great outcome - it was suggested to me that I should affirm my belief in them first and then condemn the behavior. "I love you...but I'm not fond of (insert action here)." By phrasing it this way they understand that THEY weren't "bad," it was THE BEHAVIOR that needed to be corrected. In essence saying, "THIS...


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[BECAUSE] you can’t bake a cake without cracking a few eggs.

7 things to look at - when things START to crack. #LeadershipMinit - As the old saying goes, “You can’t bake a cake without cracking a few eggs.” Mistakes or failures (cracks) can teach you where you need to concentrate your attention or training. Leading teams is not set & forget.  It requires your attention.  The first thing to do is observe.  How is the team progressing?  Note: This is where you need to discount the wins you have been getting in financial metrics, safety, morale etc. and instead watch for any pressures that are building as these will reveal where the cracks...


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[BECAUSE] being the dumbest person is important

#LeadershipMinit - It's an adage - but a good one. One of the best team productivity hacks I've learned is to hire people who are better/smarter than you are.   Actively work to ensure you're the “dumbest” person in the room. It allows you to ask questions.   Asking questions allows you to both learn and to provide your team with the knowledge that you value their expertise, input, and opinions. A well-formed question is the best flashlight.  Questions provide insights that statements will never recognize. Over time being the "dumbest person on the team" has trickle-down benefits - a team that knows you value them, knows you're open to listening to them...


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Bold Enough to Ask. Humble Enough to Kneel

[Lessons learned by spending a day with an icon of the 20th Century and the man sent to create a portrait of him.] Many years ago (1980's) I was fortunate enough to be the assistant for one of the great photographers of the last half of the last century - Brian Lanker. I got a call from him saying that we had to go and shoot Muhammad Ali for Sports Illustrated at his home in a exclusive section of LA. We were allowed a quick look around to see where we might want to take the portrait and we initially picked...

Thought Leadership

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"Develop, don't fix"

Great post by Dan Rockwell (@leadeshipfreak) His blogs are some of my favorites on leadership.  I especially like to read the comments under some of his posts.  That is where I found this gem: "Develop, don't fix." by a commenter (bhall03). Check out Dan's origianl post here:  12 WAYS SERVANT LEADERS SERVE OTHERS SO OTHERS ARE FREE TO SERVE OTHERS  

Thought Leadership

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[BECAUSE] the last thing you need are “List Junkies”

"A leader who must control every aspect of the work being done will only ever grasp as far as their own arms can reach." - PJS Legacy organizations and corporate institutions are filled with inertia; cultures that promote a “Tell me what to do” environment. I once inherited a department where my predecessor had purposely silo'd the department to develop a mystique about their work. Promoting that her team’s work was “black magic, smoke, and mirrors” was how she felt she could best retain her position. The effect of this type of leadership (really managing not leadership) was that she also compartmentalized all...


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[BECAUSE] a case study is what is needed

 #LeadershipMinit "This is one of the most brilliant examples of being America’s national hometown newspaper I’ve seen in digital action. It’s a campaign that offers next to nothing in terms of prizes or rewards — or, to be fair, journalism — but gets right to the heart of mid-sized town school pride. It showers attention on high school sports — something utterly neglected as local news has withered..." - PandoDaily Executive Summary: Shortly after taking the reins at a division of USA TODY Sports it became clear that the technology challenges that the division had been having had lead to a shortfall in ad banner...

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